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Public Consultation

A public call for submissions opened on 29 January with a closing date of 6 March. Respondents had the option of responding to a structured online questionnaire or alternatively submitting a response by email or by post using their own preferred style and structure. 

The final question in the survey asked respondents 'In which area do you think gender inequality matters most?' See below the overall results1 of the question. Individual responses to this question are published with submissions below.


1 Last updated on 9 March 2020. The above chart is based on the 109 respondents that answered this question at this date. For a detailed overview of how the numbers were calculated, please see here.


Submissions from organisations are published below. We are currently reviewing submissions from individuals, which will be published over the coming weeks. Submissions will be taken into consideration in the development of the agenda for Assembly weekends and as part of the Citizens' deliberations. As well as being available online to all members of the Assembly and interested parties, an independent researcher, Dr. Pauline Cullen of Maynooth University, has been engaged to analyse and summarise the submissions. During the meetings she will give a summary of the views expressed in the submissions on the topics being addressed during that particular weekend.

We will not publish personal information. In cases where an individual has made a submission containing details of their personal experience and requested that their identity be protected, we will publish the submission under 'Name with Secretariat'. We also reserve the right to redact defamatory or explicit content and personal information. Where individuals have submitted more than one response, we will publish all contributions under one number. Please note that confirming these decisions can take some time so there may be a delay in uploading submissions which fall into these categories.

The numbers assigned to each submission are in order of receipt.

Organisation Submissions

Abortion Rights Campaign - CA30186

ActionAid - CA30246

Age Action - CA30187

AkiDwA - CA30247

Atheist Ireland - CA30175

Basic Income Ireland - CA30185

BeLonG To Youth Service - CA30188

Care Alliance Ireland - CA30153

Citizens Information Board - CA30189

Clann - CA30113

Clare Leader Forum Rights Based Group of Disabled Women and Mend - CA30104

Clare Public Participation Network - CA30190

Community Law and Mediation - CA30192

Community Work Ireland - CA30238

Council of the Bar of Ireland and Employment Bar Association - CA30181

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre - CA30173

Early Childhood Ireland - CA30178

Financial Services Union - CA30251

Fingal Communities Against Racism - CA30252

Green Party Mna Glasa - CA30194

IFUT - CA30089

Immigrant Council of Ireland - CA30254

Inclusion Ireland - CA30195

Iona Institute - CA30111

Irish Federation of University Women - CA30196

Irish Women Lawyers Association - CA30177

Joint Submission to Citizens' Assembly on Violence Against Migrant Women - CA30255

Labour Women - CA30257

Longford Community Resources Clg - CA30259

Mens Voices - CA30074

Migrant Rights Centre Ireland - CA30260

National Collective of Community Based Women's Networks - CA30191

National Traveller Women's Forum - CA30262

National Women's Council of Ireland - CA30179

New Communities Partnership - CA30132

One Family - CA30174

Oxfam Ireland - CA30200

Pavee Point - CA30264

Rape Crisis Network Ireland - CA30265

Ruhama and Immigrant Council of Ireland - CA30202

Safe Ireland - CA30180

Sexual Exploitation Research Project UCD - CA30182

Sex Workers Alliance Ireland - CA30109

Sinn Féin - CA30204

SIPTU - CA30266

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul - CA30170

Soroptimist International Republic of Ireland - CA30172

Stop segregation of men - CA30060

Transgender Equality Network of Ireland - CA30119

Treoir - CA30205

UCD Women Graduates Association - CA30267

Union of Students in Ireland - CA30268

Unite the Union - CA30183

Womens Aid - CA30169

Women for Election - CA30207

Women in Film and Television - CA30184

Women in Technology and Science - CA30208

Women on Air - CA30269

#WorkEqual - CA30249

30% Club Ireland - CA30231