Assembly on
Biodiversity Loss

24th - 25th September 2022

Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss

Meeting: 24th – 25th September 2022

Saturday 24th September


The Importance of the Work Ahead


8:45 a.m. Members introduce themselves at their roundtables  [Speech]

9.15 a.m. Introduction by the Chairperson, Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin

9.30 a.m. Being a Good Ancestor – Dr. Roman Krznaric


9.45 a.m. Video from Children & Young People’s Assembly  [Presentation] [Speech]

9:50 a.m. Roundtable discussion (private session)

10:10 a.m. Q&A

Biodiversity and Biodiversity Decline
10.25 a.m. Ecology – A Brief Introduction to Ecological Concepts & Main Threats – Prof. Tasman Crowe


10:40 a.m. Climate Change Policy & Biodiversity –  Laura Burke, Environmental Protection Agency


10.55 a.m. Roundtable discussion (private session)

11.25 a.m. Q&A

11.40 a.m. Coffee

12 noon Biodiversity Decline in Ireland: the Evidence –

Liam Lysaght, National Biodiversity Data Centre. Facts and figures from the data we have and data that we don’t have, but need.


12.15 p.m. How can the Assembly approach this large and complex topic? – Dr. Micheál Ó Cinnéide

– Various approaches that could be taken to Addressing Biodiversity Decline. The sectoral approach we are taking and why.  [Presentation]


12.30 p.m. Roundtable discussion (private session)

1 p.m. Q&A


1.15 – 2.15 p.m. Lunch

Ireland’s Biodiversity Obligations and Governance

2.15 p.m. Ireland’s EU & other international obligations – Dr. Micheál
Ó Brian


 2.30 p.m. Mapping Biodiversity Governance in Ireland – Dr. Mary Dobbs

2.45 p.m. Roundtable discussion (private session)

3.15 p.m. Q&A



3.30 p.m. Coffee

Who is working to conserve and highlight Biodiversity in Ireland?

3.45 p.m. Video of Community/Voluntary Sector working with Biodiversity


3.55 p.m. Ireland’s Biodiversity NGOs – Irish Environmental Network


4:15 p.m. Roundtable discussion (private session)

4:45 p.m. Q&A


5 p.m. Conclusion by Chair

Sunday 25th September

9 a.m. Introduction & Plenary feedback session from yesterday’s roundtable discussions


National Policies and Implementation around Biodiversity

10 a.m. Protected Sites & Species, Habitats Directive, Birds Directive, the National Biodiversity Plan update – Dr. Andy Bleasdale, National Parks and Wildlife Service


10.15 a.m. The practical side of implementing, monitoring & enforcing – Shirley Clerkin, Heritage Officer, Monaghan Co. Council


10.30 a.m. Roundtable discussion (private session)

11 a.m. Q&A


11.15 a.m. Coffee

Resourcing the state’s response to the challenge of biodiversity loss

11.30 a.m. How National Budget Policy Works – Dr. Eddie Casey, Irish Fiscal Advisory Council


11.45 a.m. Doughnut Economics – Kate Raworth, Author


12 noon Roundtable discussion

12.30 p.m. Q&A


12.45 p.m. Completion of Evaluation Surveys

12.55 p.m. Conclusion by Chairperson