Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss

Meeting 24-25 September [Agenda]

Saturday 24 September


The Importance of the Work Ahead

8:45 am. Members introduce themselves at their roundtables

9:15 am Introduction by the Chairperson, Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin

9:30am Being a Good Ancestor – Dr. Roman Krznaric [Presentation]

9:45 am Video from Children & Young People’s Assembly

9:50 am Roundtable discussion (private session)

10:10 am Q&A

Biodiversity and Biodiversity Decline

10:25 am Ecology – A Brief Introduction to Ecological Concepts & Main Threats – Prof. Tasman Crowe [Presentation]

10:40 am Climate Change Policy & Biodiversity –  Laura Burke, Environmental Protection Agency [Presentation]

10:55 am Roundtable discussion (private session)

11:25 am Q&A

11:40 am Coffee

12 noon Biodiversity Decline in Ireland: the Evidence

Liam Lysaght, National Biodiversity Data Centre. Facts and figures from the data we have and data that we don’t have, but need. [Presentation]

12:15 pm How can the Assembly approach this large and complex topic? – Dr. Micheál Ó Cinnéide

– Various approaches that could be taken to Addressing Biodiversity Decline. The sectoral approach we are taking and why.  [Presentation]

12:30 pm Roundtable discussion (private session)

1:00 pm Q&A

1:15 – 2:15 pm Lunch

Ireland’s Biodiversity Obligations and Governance

2:15 pm Ireland’s EU & other international obligations – Dr. Micheál Ó Brian [Presentation]

 2:30 pm Mapping Biodiversity Governance in Ireland – Dr Mary Dobbs [Presentation]

2:45 pm Roundtable discussion (private session)

3:15 pm Q&A

3:30 pm Coffee

Who is working to conserve and highlight Biodiversity in Ireland?

3:45 pm Video of Community/Voluntary Sector working with Biodiversity


3:55 pm Ireland’s Biodiversity NGOs – Irish Environmental Network

4:15 pm Roundtable discussion (private session)

4:45 pm Q&A

5 pm Conclusion by Chair

Sunday 25 September

9:00 am Introduction & Plenary feedback session from yesterday’s roundtable discussions

National Policies and Implementation around Biodiversity

10:00 am Protected Sites & Species, Habitats Directive, Birds Directive, the National Biodiversity Plan update – Dr Andy Bleasdale, National Parks and Wildlife Service [Presentation]

10:15 am The practical side of implementing, monitoring & enforcing – Shirley Clerkin, Heritage Officer, Monaghan Co. Council [Presentation]

10:30 am Roundtable discussion (private session)

11:00 am Q&A

11:15 am Coffee

Resourcing the state’s response to the challenge of biodiversity loss

11:30 am How National Budget Policy Works – Dr Eddie Casey, Irish Fiscal Advisory Council [Presentation]

11:45 am Doughnut Economics – Kate Raworth, Author [Presentation]

12 noon Roundtable discussion

12:30 pm Q&A

12:45 pm Completion of Evaluation Surveys


12:55 pm Conclusion by Chairperson