26-27 November

Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss

26-27 November 2022


Saturday 25th


From 8 a.m.  Registration, coffee


8:45 a.m.     Members introduce themselves at their roundtables


9.00 a.m.   Introduction by the Chairperson, Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin


Industry and Biodiversity

9:05 a.m.       What is the value of Biodiversity? – Prof. Jenny McElwaine, TCD

9:10 a.m.        What is industry doing and how can they engage with biodiversity? Lucy Gaffney – Platform Development Manager, Business for Biodiversity

9:25 a.m.       Voices from Industry

– Stephen Nolan, Managing Director, UNDP Financial Services for Sustainability

– Deirdre Ryan, Director of Origin Green, Bord Bia

– Shane Dineen, Environment and Planning Manager, Fáilte Ireland

– Ian Talbot, Chief Executive, Chambers Ireland

9:45 am       Discussion

10:05am      Q&A

10:25 a.m.   Biodiversity in the Education System (current status and potential) – Codie Preston,Irish Schools Sustainability Network


10:45 a.m.   Q&A

11 a.m.          Dame Dr Jane Goodall


11:15 a.m.       Coffee


11:30 a.m.   Draft recommendations and ballot papers – the process

– Chairperson, Dr. Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin

11.35 a.m.    Roundtable Discussion – draft recommendations on which there is broad agreement

12.35 p.m.      Lunch


1.35 p.m.     Plenary session – draft recommendations on which there is broad agreement


2.35 p.m      Roundtable Discussion – Ballot Papers 1A & 1B and 2A & 2B (Agriculture, Freshwater, Marine/Coastal)

3.35 p.m.       Coffee


3.50 p.m.     Plenary session – Ballot Papers 1A & 1B and 2A & 2B (Agriculture, Freshwater, Marine/Coastal)


4.50 p.m.    Roundtable discussion – Ballot Papers 3 – 6 (Peatlands, Protected sites and species, Forestry, Invasive species, Funding, Urban landscape, Community)


5.50 p.m.     Voting on Ballot papers 1A & 1B and 2A & 2B (Agriculture, Freshwater, Marine/Coastal)

6 p.m.           Conclusion


Sunday, 27th November

9 a.m.                  Roundtable Discussion – Doc B (cont’d)


9.30 a.m.           Plenary session – Doc A (to conclude) and Doc B

11 a.m.                Roundtable Discussion – Doc C (Miscellaneous questions with multiple alternative options)

11.30 a.m.             Coffee & Voting on Doc B


11.50 a.m.           Plenary session – Doc C

12.20 p.m.            Completion of evaluation forms


12.30 p.m.            Voting on Doc C

12.45 noon        The Last Word – Voices of the Assembly


1.30 p.m.            Announcement of Results