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Third Weekend Meeting: 5th - 6th November 2022

Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss

5th & 6th November 2022


Saturday 5th


From 8 a.m.     Registration, coffee

8.45 a.m.           Members introduce themselves at their roundtables

9.00 a.m.           Introduction by the Chairperson, Dr Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin


Freshwater –From the Mountains to the Sea

9.05 a.m.           High level Overview - Water Quality and Biodiversity Pressures in Ireland’s Freshwaters

Prof. Mary Kelly Quinn, Associate Professors, School of Biology and Environmental Science, UCD


9.20 a.m.           Freshwater catchments in Ireland – Issues & Challenges 

Donal Daly, Catchment Scientist and Hydrologist (former EPA)


9.30 a.m.           Local Catchment Assessment in Ireland – Findings and Actions to Reverse Declines - Dr Bernadette White



9.40 a.m.          Roundtable discussion 

10.00 a.m.        Q&A


10.15a.m.           Voices from the Community (catchment management and community taking ownership)

- Cloghaneely Anglers Catchment Plan – Colm Gallagher, Chairman


- National Group Water Scheme – Barry Deane, Chief Executive Officer


- Rivers Trust (Inishowen Rivers Trust) - Trish Murphy, Project Officer


- Sustainable Water Network (SWAN) – Bernadette Connolly


10.35a.m.          Roundtable discussion 

10.55 a.m.         Q&A


11.10 a.m.          Coffee


11.25 a.m.          Overview of Invasive species and freshwater – Ian Montgomery, Prof. of Animal Ecology, Queens University Belfast, member of the Expert Advisory Group


11.35 a.m.          Cross-over talk. Fresh water fish in Ireland – how to protect & restore biodiversity - Dr Ken Whelan, Fisheries Scientist


11.45 a.m.          Discussion (20 minutes)

12.05 p.m.         Q&A


12.30 p.m.         Children & Young People’s Assembly present on their work and their recommendations


1 p.m.                  Lunch


Marine & Marine Environments

2.00 p.m.          High-level overview – broader marine biodiversity current status and potential measures

Richard Cronin, Chief Policy Advisor for the Marine Environment, Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage


2.15 p.m.            Biodiversity in our Ocean – A scientific perspective

Dr Ciaran Kelly, Director of Fisheries Ecosystems Advisory Services, the Marine Institute


2.25 p.m.           Roundtable discussion

2.45 p.m.           Q&A


3.00p.m.       Voices from the Community & Sectors

- Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation - Sean O’Donoghue


- Fair Seas Campaign – NGO coalition – Dr Donal Griffin, Policy Officer


- Irish Whale and Dolphin Group - Dr Simon Berrow, lecturer in ATU


3.25 p.m.           Roundtable discussion

3.45 p.m.           Q&A

 4.00 p.m.           Coffee


Industry. Energy production and biodiversity

4.15                      Climate Change Projects and Biodiversity - Prof. Jane Stout, Professor of Botany, Trinity College Dublin


4.30 p.m.           Voices from the Sector

- Simply Blue Energy Group – Dr Val Cummins, Operations & Projects Director

- Local Power Ltd - Pat Smith, Managing Director


4.40 p.m.           Roundtable discussion

5.00 p.m.          Q&A


5.15 p.m.            Reflection on first weekend in September


5.55 p.m.       Irish language and Mythology as primers for sustainable living

Manchán Magan, Writer and Documentary Maker


6.10 p.m.           End


Sunday 6th


9.00 a.m.           The Citizens’ Assembly process and plenary feedback session from yesterday’s roundtable discussions

Dr Clodagh Harris, Senior Lecturer, Department of Government and Politics, UCC, member of the EAG


                              Replies to members questions on Agriculture - Dr James Moran, Senior Lecturer in Ecology, ATU, member of the EAG


Urban Environment and Infrastructure

9.30 a.m.           High-level overview – Planning and Biodiversity in our Urban/Built Up Areas

Dr Michael Lennon,Associate Professor of Planning and Environmental Policy, University College Dublin


9.45 a.m.           Nature-based solutions in urban environments, biodiversity & human perspective

Dr Marcus Collier, Associate Professor of Sustainability Science in the School of Natural Sciences in Trinity College Dublin


9.55 a.m.            A Green Future in Utrecht

Jeroen Schenkels, Green Advisor, City of Utrecht, Netherlands


10.05 a.m.         Roundtable discussion

10.25 a.m.         Q&A


10.40 a.m.         Coffee


11.00 a.m.         Voices from the Community

- GLAS Community garden Ballymun – Hans Zomer, CEO, Global Action Plan


- Cork Urban Biodiversity study – Dr Paul Holloway, Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Ecology, University College Cork


- Birdwatch Swift Project – Ricky Whelan, Project Officer



11.20 a.m.         Q&A


11.35 a.m.          Summary of October meeting

                              Roundtable review – where are we?


12.45 p.m.     Complete evaluation forms


12.55 p.m.     Chairperson wrap up


1.00 p.m.           End