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Final Meeting: 1st October 2022

Dublin Citizens' Assembly

1st October 2022

Dublin Castle

Weekend 5


From 8 a.m.   Registration, coffee


9.00 a.m.        Members introduce themselves at their roundtables


9.15 a.m.        Introduction by the Chairman, Jim Gavin – objectives for the day


List of Assumptions and Ballot papers 1-3 (Powers of the Mayor, the election, role of councillors etc.) 

9.30 a.m.        Explanation of the ballot papers


9.45 a.m.      Roundtable discussion


10.30 a.m.    Q&A


11.30 a.m.    Coffee


11.45 a.m.    Voting


12.15            Lunch


Ballot Papers 4 and 5 (Structures, funding, miscellaneous issues)

1.30 p.m.      Announcement of first result and explanation of the second ballot paper


1.45 p.m.     Roundtable discussion


2.30 p.m.       Q&A


3.15 p.m.       Voting


3.30 p.m.       Coffee


3.45 p.m.       Cultural interlude


4.55 p.m.       Announcement of result