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Organisational submissions

CA30060 - Stop segregation of men

CA30074 - Mens Voices

CA30089 - IFUT

CA30104 - Clare Leader Forum Rights Based Group of Disabled Women and Mend

CA30109 - Sex Workers Alliance Ireland

CA30111 - Iona Institute

CA30113 - Clann

CA30119 - Transgender Equality Network of Ireland

CA30132 - New Communities Partnership

CA30153 - Care Alliance Ireland

CA30169 - Womens Aid

CA30170 - The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

CA30172 - Soroptimist International Republic of Ireland

CA30173 - Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

CA30174 - One Family

CA30175 - Atheist Ireland

CA30177 - Irish Women Lawyers Association

CA30178 - Early Childhood Ireland

CA30179 - National Women's Council of Ireland

CA30180 - Safe Ireland

CA30181 - Council of the Bar of Ireland and Employment Bar Association

CA30182 - Sexual Exploitation Research Project UCD

CA30183 - Unite the Union

CA30184 - Women in Film and Television

CA30185 - Basic Income Ireland

CA30186 - Abortion Rights Campaign

CA30187 - Age Action

CA30188 - BeLonG To Youth Service

CA30189 - Citizens Information Board

CA30190 - Clare Public Participation Network

CA30191 - National Collective of Community Based Women's Networks

CA30192 - Community Law and Mediation

CA30194 - Green Party Mna Glasa

CA30195 - Inclusion Ireland

CA30196 - Irish Federation of University Women

CA30200 - Oxfam Ireland

CA30202 - Ruhama and Immigrant Council of Ireland

CA30204 - Sinn Féin

CA30205 - Treoir

CA30207 - Women for Election

CA30208 - Women in Technology and Science

CA30231 - 30% Club Ireland

CA30238 - Community Work Ireland

CA30246 - ActionAid

CA30247 - AkiDwA

CA30249 - #WorkEqual

CA30250 - Monthly Cycles

CA30251 - Financial Services Union

CA30252 - Fingal Communities Against Racism

CA30254 - Immigrant Council of Ireland

CA30255 - Joint Submission to Citizens' Assembly on Violence Against Migrant Women

CA30257 - Labour Women

CA30259 - Longford Community Resources Clg

CA30260 - Migrant Rights Centre Ireland

CA30261 - Mná na hÉireann

CA30262 - National Traveller Women's Forum

CA30264 - Pavee Point

CA30265 - Rape Crisis Network Ireland

CA30266 - SIPTU

CA30267 - UCD Women Graduates Association

CA30268 - Union of Students in Ireland

CA30269 - Women on Air

CA30271 - Mid Life Women Rock Project

CA30272 - Global Women's Strike

CA30275 - Irish Congress of Trade Unions

CA30277 - Irish Human Rights Equality Commission

CA30280 - Bainne Beatha