2016-2018 Citizens' Assembly - How we best respond to the challenges and opportunities of an ageing population

Submissions on how we best respond to the challenges and opportunities of an ageing population

The submissions process on how we best respond to the challenges and opportunities of an ageing population is now closed.

Submissions were accepted from the 3 April 2017 to 19 May 2017.

Submissions have now been published on the website. Please click here to view submissions from members of the public, advocacy/interest groups and other representative organisations.

Approximately 129 submissions were received, of which 124 were received online and 5 were received by post.
Of these, 122 have been published to the Citizens’ Assembly’s website. In total 7 were not published. Of those originally received and not published the reasons were as follows:

          • 1 Online submission was withdrawn by author.
          • 3 Online submissions were resubmitted by the authors.
          • 2 Postal submissions were not signed and assumed anonymous.
          • 1 Postal submission was not relevant to the topic.

Submissions Rules/Guidelines

The following rules apply in respect of submissions received by the Assembly:

      1. The Assembly welcomes submissions from Irish citizens and non-citizens living in Ireland or living abroad.
      2. All submissions received will be published on the website and displayed with a full name (first name, surname)/name of organisation, if appropriate.
      3. Anonymous submissions will not be accepted. Submissions made with just a first name listed will not be published. Equally, submissions received with an initial and surname (e.g. J Smyth) will not be published. Exception: Submissions received with a series of initials that are commonly recognised as being a name (i.e. JP, PJ, AP) and a surname can be published. 
      4. In the case of personal stories and sensitive submissions, all personal data and related identifiable details will be removed or redacted if requested.
      5. Each submission received either on our website or by post, will be treated as an individual submission and include any or all signatures to that submission. If, for example, a submission is received with twenty signatures it will be treated as one submission. If the same submission is received twenty times, each signed individually, they will be treated as twenty submissions.
      6. The Citizens’ Assembly reserves the right not to accept a submission if it is deemed offensive or inappropriate.
      7. In accordance with the Assembly’s agreed rules and procedures, following receipt of submissions on any matter, the Assembly may choose to hear oral presentations from any representative group or individual to assist in its deliberations.