14 November 2020

Citizens’ Assembly on Gender Equality

14 November 2020

Saturday’s Proceedings

Please note that the information in the presentations and papers and its interpretation is based on the specialist expertise of the speakers who are independent of the Assembly and its Chair and Secretariat. 

Members give feedback from breakout rooms

Each breakout group nominated a member to give feedback from their discussion.

A video of this feedback is available here and transcript is available here.

Morning Session

Dr Catherine Day opened the morning session and members viewed a short video about low paid workers

Her remarks and that video can be watched here.

Dr Helen Russell, ESRI

Dr Helen Russell presented to the Assembly in two parts.

Dr Helen Russell delivers her Presentation on Gender and Paid Work, which was accompanied by a slideshow presentation.

Dr Helen Russell followed up on her introductory presentation with a presentation on the Gender Pay Gap: Causes and Solutions. Her video presentation was accompanied by a more detailed slideshow presentation.

After Members watched Dr Helen Russell’s presentation, there was a Q&A with Helen Russell, Frances McGinnity and Karina Doorly of the ESRI. A video can be watched here.

Dr. Pauline Cullen – Work – Citizens’ Assembly

Dr. Pauline Cullen presented on the Work Submissions received by the Citizens’ Assembly.  Her video presentation was accompanied by a slideshow presentation. To download the contents of the summary table on Work, click here.

Advocacy panel: Work & Pay

A video of this discussion can be viewed here.

A paper has been submitted by each speaker and can be accessed by clicking on their name.

Advocacy: Small Firms Association

Elizabeth Bowen delivers a perspective from the Small Firms Association, which was accompanied by a paper.

Lived Experience

A video of this discussion can be viewed here.

A paper has been submitted by each speaker and can be accessed by clicking on their name.

  • Avril Hannifin – An Cosán
  • Suzy Byrne – National Advocacy service for people with disabilities
  • Mariaam Bhatti – Campaigner, community worker & social policy practitioner
  • Moderated by Tom Arnold – Chairperson of the Irish Constitutional Convention.

Afternoon Session

Dr Catherine Day introduced the afternoon session

Her remarks can be viewed here.

The Members watched a video on Country Measures to Reduce the Gender Pay Gap by:

Professor Damian Grimshaw of Kings College, London

In his talk, Professor Damian Grimshaw presented the following slideshow presentation.

The Chair introduced the afternoon discussion session – here. 

The citizens then moved into their breakout groups

Dr Alicja Bobek, Trinity College

Citizens took a break from their discussions to watch Dr Alicja Bobek present on her research on Experiences of Working in Low Pay Sectors, which was accompanied by a more detailed slideshow presentation.

As well as the previous videos citizens had also watched the following videos to prepare for their discussion

Economic benefits of gender equality: Labour market activity and equal pay – European Institute for Gender Equality

Perspectives of Health Care Assistants – SIPTU

Gender equality women and men with equal opportunities to work and develop – Business Europe

Politicians supporting WorkEqual 2020 – Work Equal

Citizens also received a summary paper prepared by the Secretariat.

After their discussions members returned for a plenary session where, Dr Catherine Day concluded the first Work meeting

The Chair’s closing remarks can be viewed here.

Click here to view additional questions responded to by speakers.