17 October 2020

Citizens’ Assembly on Gender Equality 

17 October 2020

Saturday 17 October


Saturday’s Proceedings

Members give feedback from breakout rooms

Each breakout group nominated a member to give feedback from their discussion.

A video of this feedback can be watched back here & transcript is available here.

Morning Session

Dr Catherine Day opened the morning session  

Her remarks can be watched here.

A message from Taoiseach Micheál Martin was played for members.   

The Taoiseach’s message can be viewed here.

A specially commissioned video on Women Leaders’ perspectives on leadership was played for members.

Women’s leadership perspectives video can be watched here.

Dr Pauline Cullen – Analysis of the Leadership Submissions to the Citizens’ Assembly on Gender Equality.

Dr. Pauline Cullen presented on the Leadership Submissions received by the Citizens’ Assembly.  Her video presentation was accompanied by a slideshow presentation. To download the contents of the summary table on Public Life and Leadership, click here.

Professor Yvonne Galligan – Presentation on Gender Equality, Leadership and Politics 

Professor Yvonne Galligan presented on Gender Equality, Leadership and Politics which was accompanied by a slideshow presentation. A script is also available here. Professor Galligan also provided papers on Ireland’s 2020 General Election & Women in Politics which were co-authored with Dr. Fiona Buckley and  Women in Politics since 1918 & Women in Politics 1995 – 2020.

Dr Lenita Freidenvall – Gender Balance in Elected Office in Europe

Dr Lenita Freidenvall presented on Gender Balance in Elected Office in Europe which was accompanied by a slideshow presentation. A script is also available here.

Advocacy Panel: Leadership case studies & suggested recommendations 

A video of this discussion can be viewed here.

A paper submitted by each speaker can be accessed by clicking on their name. 

  • Lian Bell – Waking the feminists
  • Maria Joyce – National Traveller Women’s Forum Ireland
  • Julie Sinnamon – Enterprise Ireland
  •  Moderated by Brian MacCraith – Former President of Dublin City University
Advocacy Panel: Leadership initiatives & suggested recommendations  

A video of this discussion can be viewed here.

A paper submitted by each speaker can be accessed by clicking on their name. 

  • Sinead Gibney – Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission
  • Gary Kennedy – 30% Club and Better Balance for Better Business
  • Alison Cowzer  – Women for Election
  • Moderated by Larry O’Connell – The National Economic and Social Council
Dr Fiona Buckley, UCC – Women’s experience running for election in Ireland.

Dr Fiona Buckley presented on Women’s experience running for election in Ireland which was accompanied by a slideshow presentation.

Citizens also received a summary paper prepared by the Secretariat.

Afternoon Session

Dr Catherine Day introduced the afternoon session

Her remarks can be viewed here. 

The citizens then moved into their breakout groups to discuss the topic of leadership in public life and the workplace.

As well as the previous videos citizens had watched the following videos to prepare for their discussions.

Women on Air 

Women on Air prepared an animated presentation on Women in Media, which was accompanied by the animated text. Women on Air also provided a paper on The Missing Perspectives of women in COVID-19 News.

Lynne Cantwell – Women in Sport

Lynne Cantwell, Chair of Sport Ireland’s Women in Sport committee presented on how gender inequality manifest itself in sport & actions to address it. Her presentation was accompanied by a slideshow presentation.

Male Champions of Change video – Men and Women need to work together on Gender Equality

This video can be watched back here.

Citizens also received a summary paperDiscussion Session – Afternoon Session prepared by the Secretariat.

The citizens then returned from their breakout groups for the closing session.

Dr Catherine Day closes the leadership meeting

The Chair’s closing remarks can be viewed here. 

Click here to view additional questions responded to by speakers.