Procurement and Costs

Citizens' Assembly on Gender Equality

Procurement and Costs

Under public procurement rules, Requests for Tenders (RFTs) were issued in respect of the selection of goods and service providers for different requirements necessary for both the establishment and continued operation of the Assembly. Where relevant, tenders were published on the Government’s dedicated procurement website, eTenders.

The following requests for tenders were advertised on the eTenders website:
  1. Facilitation and Note-taking Services for the Citizens’ Assembly
  2. Provision of a representative sample of 99 members of the public and substitutes
  3. AV recording / live streaming and associated follow up services
  4. Provision of Irish Language Services for the Citizens’ Assembly’s Meetings
  5. Media Liaison Services and communication services for the Citizen’s Assembly
  6. Hotel Conference Requirements

It should be noted that these RFTs were issued on the assumption that the Assembly would meet in person and some of these services did not apply when the Assembly moved online arising from Covid-19.

The transition online did not require additional procurement through e-tenders as no additional goods and services exceeded the e-tender procurement thresholds. Competitive processes were undertaken for other procurement below these thresholds in accordance with public procurement rules.

Assembly Costs

Provided below is a breakdown of costs involved in establishing and running the meetings of the Citizens’ Assembly on Gender Equality from the formation of the Assembly in July 2019 to end June 2022 following the wind down of the Assembly.

*Salary and office administration costs for the Assembly were met on an ongoing basis and are not included in the costs below.

Breakdown of costs for the Citizens’ Assembly on Gender Equality

Category Costs to end December 2019 January – December 2020 January 2021 – August 2021 Totals from 2019 to end June 2022
Conference/Catering and accommodation €20,302.00 €53,371.69 €1,345.92 €87,276.71
Reimbursement of Travel and Member Related Expenses €0.00 €21,390.94 €59,180.90 €92,954.54
Irish Translation Services/Provision of Sign Language Services €0.00 €11,001.21 €408.68 €11,409.89
Broadcasting/Media Services/Photography €0.00 €31,509.75 €15,359.63 €46,869.38
Recruitment of Members/ Facilitation and Notetaking Services €30,686.06 €121,349.09 €76,986.00 €229,021.15
Website/Advertising €7,684.43 €22,645.14 €0.00 €30,329.57
Legal/Advisory/Support Services €0.00 €10,679.00 €50,329.36 €61,008.36
Research €25,000.00 €9,378.13 €9,225.65 €43,603.78
Technical Services €0.00 €15,715.51 €34,848.91 €50,564.42
Total €83,672.49 €297,040.46 €247,685.05 €653,037.80