Submissions to the Citizens' Assembly on Gender Equality

Public Consultation

A public call for submissions opened on 29 January 2020 with a closing date of 6 March 2020. Respondents had the option of responding to a structured online questionnaire or alternatively submitting a response by email or by post using their own preferred style and structure.

The final question in the questionnaire asked respondents ‘In which area do you think gender inequality matters most?’ See below the overall results1 of the question. Individual responses to this question are published with submissions below.

The above chart is based on the 109 respondents that answered this question

Submissions Received

The submissions are published below. Submissions will be taken into consideration in the development of the agenda for Assembly weekends and as part of the Citizens’ deliberations. As well as being available online to all members of the Assembly and interested parties, an independent researcher, Dr. Pauline Cullen of Maynooth University, has been engaged to analyse and summarise the submissions. During the meetings she will give a summary of the views expressed in the submissions on the topics being addressed during that particular weekend.

We have been guided by GDPR principles in publishing the submissions below. In cases where an individual has made a submission containing details of their personal experience and requested that their identity be protected, we have published the submission under ‘Name with Secretariat’. The questionnaire provided an option to request anonymous publication for those under 18. We do not have the ability to validate the age of the submitter, so this has been taken at face value. We also reserved the right to redact potentially defamatory, inappropriate or explicit content and personal information. Generally w/en/previous-assemblies/2020-2021-citizens-assembly-on-gender-equality individuals have submitted more than one response, we have published all contributions under one number.

Submissions on this site are published for information purposes only and publication is not an endorsement by the Assembly or its Secretariat of any views or assertions of fact expressed therein.

The numbers assigned to each submission are in order of receipt.

Individual Submissions Organisation Submissions

CA30281 – Frances Fitzgerald MEP

CA30279 – Donal Nunan

CA30278 – Shannon Spence

CA30276 – Paul Lyng

CA30274 – Conor Cooper

CA30273 – Name with Secretariat

CA30270 – Deborah Somorin

CA30263 – Paul Farrelly

CA30258 – Lauren Foley

CA30256 – Jane Morgan

CA30253 – Giselle Harvey

CA30248 – Anna Walsh Doyle

CA30245 – Miriam Kivlehan

CA30243 – Megan Flynn

CA30242 – Lauren Foley

CA30241 – Suzy Byrne

CA30240 – Carol Harpur

CA30239 – Geraldine Halpin

CA30237 – Ralph Armstrong-Astley

CA30236 – Anna Ní Ghallachair

CA30235 – Catherine Cross

CA30232 – Orla Ní Chomhraí

CA30230 – Kate Loughnane

CA30229 – Name with Secretariat

CA30228 – Carly Bailey

CA30227 – Name with Secretariat

CA30225 – Brian Tonge

CA30224 – Evelyn Mahon

CA30222 – Cara Shields

CA30221 – Tom Sweeney

CA30220 – JeanMary Walker

CA30219 – Morgane Meriem

CA30218 – Name with Secretariat

CA30217 – Rita McInerney

CA30216 – Niamh Larkin

CA30214 – Graeme Carter

CA30213 – Lawrence Carvalho

CA30212 – Mary Sharp

CA30211 – Kieran Cunningham

CA30210 – Louise Bermingham

CA30209 – Name with Secretariat

CA30206 – Una O’Connor

CA30203 – Colette Kelleher

CA30201 – Peter O’Hara

CA30199 – Mairead Enright, Aoife O’Donoghue & Liam Thornton

CA30198 – Karen Devine

CA30197 – Name with Secretariat

CA30193 – Fionnuala Ó Fiannachta (Irish)

CA30193 – Fionnuala Ó Fiannachta (English)

CA30176 – Bridget Murphy

CA30171 – Moira Devery

CA30168 – Sinéad Crilly

CA30167 – Name with Secretariat

CA30166 – Yvette Keating

CA30165 – Elizabeth Folan O’Connor

CA30163 – Name with Secretariat

CA30162 – Name with Secretariat

CA30160 – Sorcha Tyndall

CA30159 – Name with Secretariat

CA30158 – Ciara Conlon

CA30157 – Melanie O’Carroll

CA30156 – Name with Secretariat

CA30155 – Name with Secretariat

CA30154 – Name with Secretariat

CA30152 – Una McGrath

CA30151 – Name with Secretariat

CA30150 – Brendan Kelleher

CA30149 – Aileen Murphy & Edel Walsh

CA30148 – Ken Murray

CA30147 – T/en/previous-assemblies/2020-2021-citizens-assembly-on-gender-equalitysa Hendley

CA30146 – Name with Secretariat

CA30142 – Sabrina Brett

CA30131 – Marta Martin-Aragon

CA30122 – Norman A. Croke

CA30121 – Patricia Ramsay

CA30120 – Anne Ryan

CA30118 – Celia Keenan

CA30117 – Maggie Feeley

CA30116 – Brid Connolly

CA30115 – Proinnsias Breathnach

CA30114 – Dorota Piaskowska

CA30112 – Name with Secretariat

CA30110 – Catherine Rosarii Griffin

CA30108 – Jacqui O’Riordan

CA30107 – Loic Wright

CA30105 – Kieran Coughlan

CA30102 – Patricia Carney

CA30101 – Kenneth Delaney

CA30100 – Elizabeth Murphy

CA30099 – Robert King

CA30098 – Catherine Emerson

CA30097 – Aisling Twohill

CA30096 – Name with Secretariat

CA30095 – Philipp Rosemann

CA30094 – Kelly Fitzgerald

CA30093 – Wendy Jacobs

CA30092 – Name with Secretariat

CA30091 – Sean Russell

CA30090 – Anita Wilcox

CA30088 – Therese Herlihy

CA30087 – Lennon Ó Náraigh

CA30086 – Eric Lonergan

CA30085 – Ailish M Farragher

CA30084 – Emma Horgan

CA30083 – Myles Dunne

CA30082 – Michele Macari

CA30081 – Joan Murray

CA30080 – Mark Hamill

CA30079 – Name with Secretariat

CA30078 – Name with Secretariat

CA30077 – Martin Peter Rahil

CA30076 – Name with Secretariat

CA30075 – Name with Secretariat

CA30073 – Lucy Keaveney

CA30072 – Brigid Timmons

CA30071 – Name with Secretariat

CA30070 – Name with Secretariat

CA30068 – Emmanuel Bique

CA30067 – Marian O’Mahony

CA30066 – Mary Cosgrove

CA30065 – Derek Kelly

CA30064 – Liz Sherlock

CA30063 – John Smith

CA30062 – Paul Wilson

CA30061 – Name with Secretariat

CA30058 – Alannah Burgess

CA30057 – Laura Fitzpatrick

CA30056 – Jack O Shea

CA30055 – Name with Secretariat

CA30054 – Niamh Callaghan

CA30053 – Name with Secretariat

CA30052 – Niamh Moran

CA30051 – Caroline Roche

CA30050 – Keith Mills

CA30049 – Michele Ferguson

CA30048 – Name with Secretariat

CA30047 – Jon Ryan

CA30046 – Mary Roche

CA30045 – Jane Durkan

CA30044 – Ryan Neill

CA30043 – Martin Peter Rahill

CA30042 – Kevin O’Connor

CA30041 – Name with Secretariat

CA30040 – Paul Anderson

CA30039 – Patrick Kelly

CA30038 – Karen Sugrue

CA30037 – Aife Hopkins-Doyle

CA30036 – Ross Breen

CA30035 – Laura Howard

CA30034 – Niall F. Corcoran

CA30033 – Kevin Starrs

CA30032 – Ricardo Siqueira

CA30031 – Kathleen James-Chakraborty

CA30029 – Sarah Lynch

CA30028 – Gerard Farrelly

CA30027 – Name with Secretariat

CA30026 – Joanne O’Sullivan

CA30025 – Liam Ó Gógáin

CA30024 – Amanda Barry

CA30023 – Niall McHugh

CA30022 – Monica Murphy

CA30020 – Fionnuala MacLachlan

CA30019 – Elaine Edmonds

CA30018 – Name with Secretariat

CA30017 – Brenda Mulligan

CA30016 – Ciara McDaniel

CA30015 – Name with Secretariat

CA30014 – Kevin Fitzpatrick

CA30013 – Gunilla Petersen

CA30012 – Name with Secretariat

CA30011 – Foladh Campbell

CA30010 – Name with Secretariat

CA30009 – Lorraine Mounsey

CA30008 – Tara Harrison

CA30007 – Thomas Burke

CA30006 – Catherine Chan

CA30004 – Michelle Rogers-Cookson

CA30003 – Michelle Haward

CA30002 – Name with Secretariat

CA30001 – Lee Dillon

Abortion Rights Campaign – CA30186

ActionAid – CA30246

Age Action – CA30187

AkiDwA – CA30247

Atheist Ireland – CA30175

Bainne Beatha – CA30280

Basic Income Ireland – CA30185

BeLonG To Youth Service – CA30188

Care Alliance Ireland – CA30153

Citizens Information Board – CA30189

Clann – CA30113

Clare Leader Forum Rights Based Group of Disabled Women and Mend – CA30104

Clare Public Participation Network – CA30190

Community Law and Mediation – CA30192

Community Work Ireland – CA30238

Council of the Bar of Ireland and Employment Bar Association – CA30181

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre – CA30173

Early Childhood Ireland – CA30178

Financial Services Union – CA30251

Fingal Communities Against Racism – CA30252

Global Women’s Strike – CA30272

Green Party Mna Glasa – CA30194

IFUT – CA30089

Immigrant Council of Ireland – CA30254

Inclusion Ireland – CA30195

Iona Institute – CA30111

Irish Congress of Trade Unions – CA30275

Irish Federation of University Women – CA30196

Irish Women Lawyers Association – CA30177

Joint Submission to Citizens’ Assembly on Violence Against Migrant Women – CA30255

Labour Women – CA30257

Longford Community Resources Clg – CA30259

Mens Voices – CA30074

Mid Life Women Rock Project – CA30271

Migrant Rights Centre Ireland – CA30260

Monthly Cycles – CA30250

National Traveller Women’s Forum – CA30262

National Women’s Council of Ireland – CA30179

New Communities Partnership – CA30132

One Family – CA30174

Oxfam Ireland – CA30200

Pavee Point – CA30264

Rape Crisis Network Ireland – CA30265

Ruhama and Immigrant Council of Ireland – CA30202

Safe Ireland – CA30180

Sexual Exploitation Research Project UCD – CA30182

Sex Workers Alliance Ireland – CA30109

Sinn Féin – CA30204

SIPTU – CA30266

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul – CA30170

Soroptimist International Republic of Ireland – CA30172

Stop segregation of men – CA30060

Transgender Equality Network of Ireland – CA30119

Treoir – CA30205

UCD Women Graduates Association – CA30267

Union of Students in Ireland – CA30268

Women for Election – CA30207

Women in Film and Television – CA30184

Women in Technology and Science – CA30208

Women on Air – CA30269

#WorkEqual – CA30249

30% Club Ireland – CA30231