13 February 2021

Citizens’ Assembly on Gender Equality

13 February 2021

The Assembly met online on 13th February. This meeting focused on Article 41 of the Irish Constitution.

The Agenda for this meeting can be viewed here.

Pre-circulated videos

Please note that the information in the presentations and papers and its interpretation is based on the specialist expertise of the speakers who are independent of the Assembly and its Chair and Secretariat. 

1. Dr Catherine Day, Chair of the Citizens’ Assembly delivered two presentations to the Assembly in advance of the meeting.

2. Dr Tom Hickey, DCU: ‘The Irish Constitution’. His video presentation was accompanied by a slideshow presentation.

3. Members re-watched Dr Tom Hickey presentation on ‘Article 41 – the Constitution & Family’ which was originally shown at the first Meeting, February 2020.

4. Dr Laura CahillaneUniversity of Limerick: Article 41.2. Her video presentation was accompanied by a slideshow presentation.

5. Members re-watched Prof Siobhan MullallyNUIG presentation on ‘The Family in the Constitution and the Law’,which was originally shown at the first Meeting February 2020 and was accompanied by a slideshow presentation.

6. Lived Experiences: Adele O’Connor – Mother, Paula Fagan – CEO LGBT Ireland, Dave Saunders – Father. Members re-watched the ‘Lived Experiences’ video delivered at the first meeting, February 2020, this can be viewed here.

Members also received a paper on ‘Submissions received on Article 41 of the Constitution’ prepared by Dr Pauline Cullen.

Meeting Proceedings

Dr. Catherine Day’s opening remarks can be watched here.

Plenary sessions to agree the ballot paper on Article 41 of the Irish Constitution can be viewed here:

Click here for a transcript of the meeting’s plenary sessions.

The Chair provided a feedback video from breakout discussion groups which is available here.

Process to develop ballot paper

Please find the attached draft ballot paper on the Constitution sent to members in advance of the meeting here and the revised ballot paper voted on by members in April here. Further details on the process can be found in the report.