Submissions to the Citizens' Assembly on Drugs Use

Submissions are invited from stakeholders and the wider public who wish to engage with the Citizens’ Assembly on Drugs Use.

In due course, all valid submissions received will be published on the Assembly’s website, subject to our Terms and Conditions and to relevant legislation. The Citizens’ Assembly reserves the right to consider submissions that include offensive or inappropriate content to be invalid.

Submissions can be made, in written or video format using the form below. The process is open for eight weeks, with a closing date of Friday 30 June 2023.

To make a submission to the Citizens’ Assembly on Drugs Use, please use the form below.

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Only submissions received through the online submission form below will be considered as part of the public consultation process.


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Guidance on submissions

We are looking for your opinion, informed by evidence and/or by your own experience, on any issue that falls under the Terms of Reference. The following questions, derived from the Terms of Reference, are intended to assist, but not limit you, in making your submission:

  • What are the harmful impacts of drugs use on individuals, families, communities, and wider society?
  • What could the State do to significantly reduce the harmful impacts of illicit drugs on individuals, families, communities and wider society?
  • What works, and what doesn’t work, in terms of current legislation, policy and service delivery?
  • What should be done to reduce supply, demand, and harm?
  • What should be done to increase resilience, health, and well-being?
  • Any other comments?

Terms and Conditions

Please see the Terms and Conditions for submissions to the Citizens’ Assembly on Drugs Use.